The minimalist website is the new trend in web design because of its effectiveness and convenience to the web designer. Minimalist website is defined as design the website with more white space, interesting and eye-catchy typography, minimise the use of textures, shadows, colour transitions, and the most important characteristic is the website need to be user-friendly.

Design your website in a minimalist way allow the users to catch your main selling messages immediately with the less complicated design.

There are a few tips for your reference:

  1. Explain your design with short but impressive sentences

Minimalist websites consist of designing the website with a background image that contains more white space, less colour combination and eye-catchy typography. Your website’s performance depends on your sentence as your viewers’ impression is influenced by your performance. Long and lengthy copywriting bored your audiences as they like to read a content which is attractive and short. You need to make sure that your description can help you to reduce your audiences’ doubts as an image might not be enough to explain what your website is about.

2. Add a menu to guide your audiences

Do not hide your function in between your background image as some of your audiences might feel annoyed and they might think that your website is not functioning well and stop viewing your website. Menu and search engine are useful to assist your audiences apart from providing a better user experience.

3. Pay attention to other details

Other details on your website like logo, grids, colour scheme and animation are important as you will not know which elements can help your website to gain more attention from your viewers. If you own an e-commerce website, these details are important to represent your company apart from your website itself.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact the web design agency for more details.