In this ever-changing world of food industry where everything is now at your fingertips, the rise in instant food ordering as well as online payment for food delivery are now common things in the country. However, this has yet to penetrate the market of wholesale meat selling in the industry. People still need to get it from a trusted butcher who owns a farm or at least got the supply from other suppliers. This is still happening to all the countries all over the world, including our very own neighbouring country, the land of the lion, Singapore. Want to find out the Top 3 wholesale meat suppliers in Singapore? This article is all you need to read!

The first one would be none other than the most well-known of all, the best of the best, the Culina! It is the top wholesale meat supplier in Singapore. They even own a gourmet bistro with a retail concept and within that, there exist other butcheries in what is called NTUC Fairprice all over the country. Its primary focus is specialising in dealing with Australian beef. The company is popular due to its excellent service in providing a various cattle breeds as well as pattern of cutting including the bone-in tenderloin as well as bone-in rump. They don’t just stop there, they also provide you with excellent seafood resources! Their top notch sourcing availabilities as well as competitive pricing and after-service has crowned them to be the all-time best meat supplier in the country.

The second one to ever own the heart of the customers is the Angliss Singapore where the integrated food services provide a variety range of wholesale meat, poultry, dairy products, vegetables and fruits as well as other groceries. Said to be the highest quality food product supplier in South-east Asia, this company has carved its name to over more than 3000 customers nation-wide with its sources being those frozen meats standard quality producing meat countries such as USA, Europe, Brazil New Zealand as well as Australia. Equipped with its own 5000 tonne cold-room and 28 delivery trucks, Angliss are providing its customers with the best selling experience through consistent delivery throughout time. The only lacking in this super brand is the fact that its retail showcase is not that advance as the company is more inclined to generate income from restaurant wholesale. However, customers may self-collect their meat at the cold room mentioned.

And the third one in rank is the brand which is no longer unfamiliar to the Singaporeans, the last but not least, the Fresh Gourmet! With its primary aim of delivering the finest of meat to its customers’ doorstep, this company has thrived in keeping up with their dedication in importing quality meats and services to everyone. Unlike the Culina, this company focuses mainly on meat selling instead of other food products. One of the most popular brands who is still supplying meat to this company is Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef, or what is known as ‘butter knife beef’. Kurobuta pork are also supplied by this very supplier. To add to their excellent services, many chefs have gave their commentaries in their top notch flexibility and service especially in portioning, customising as well as saving parts and bits of requested meat in their chiller.